Why recruit ex-military

Companies or all sizes at some stage will be looking to recruit quality employees. Recruitment Agencies are constantly looking to be ahead of their competitors by locating those high calibre candidates other agencies struggle to find.

Consequently it pays to be one step of your competitors, that’s why advertising on CivvyJobs.com makes great sense.

Ex Military personnel, sometime referred to as ex military personnel, have the potential to become valued employees within your organisation. These are personnel who have previously served in the Royal Navy (including Royal Marines), Royal Air Force (RAF) and British Army. This last statement is not strictly true as we have the reserve forces, including the Territorial Army. These ex Forces personnel may have spent various lengths of time serving in uniform and therefore some will have 4 years service compared to others with over 20 years service.

With the Armed Forces community being a self contained working environment you will find that the majority of civilian careers can be found within the military environment. These include engineering, logistics, electronics, administration, finance, telecommunications, IT and many more.

The majority of ex Military personnel posses attributes that make them very employable. These include the following:

  • Confident
  • Highly trained
  • Reliable
  • Strong communicators
  • Highly qualified
  • Very hard working
  • Flexible
  • Conscientious
  • Traceable work history
  • And much more ...

Above and beyond the above attributes it is common knowledge that those with an ex Military background also have a ‘can do’ attitude; whilst some people see a problem ex forces personnel see a solution.

The term CivvyJobs is derived from the term Civvy Street, a common Armed Forces term used to relate to time after military service. Here at CivvyJobs we offer a portal for employers and recruitment agencies to pro-actively advertise their job vacancies and attract ex forces personnel. Once you have an active account you can start posting your branded vacancies. Ex Military personnel then actively apply directly to your vacancy advertisement which keeps you in direct control of your applications.