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Increasingly it seems that more and more ex-military job seekers are formatting their CVs into a PDF prior to sharing it online or attaching it to applications.

This does have its disadvantages which are:

  • Some online job boards struggle to index the words in your PDF CV.  If the job board cannot index the words contained in your CV your CV will not be visible when employers and recruitment agencies search for suitable candidates.  You will effectively be missing out on being contacted about potential job opportunities.
  • My second point is with regards to how recruitment agencies work.  When a recruitment agency forwards your CV to an employer they would normally remove all your contact details and home address and then place their corporate ‘header’ information on.  This identifies them to their client as the agency who introduced you.  PDFs are notoriously difficult to convert back into a format which can be manipulated by the agency.  Yes there are some software solutions which convert the document but sometimes the reformatted CV does not look the same as the original.  Your recruitment consultant therefore would have to take additional valuable time and effort to amend your CV into a presentable version.

What is the answer?  Ideally keep your CV in a Word format.


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